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Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte

Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte

The Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte (Santuário Bom Jesus do Monte), as we know it today, is the result of multiple architectural interventions, together with a significant effort to anesthetics and catechetical update which, since the late XV century, have stated the religious vocation of this place.

On its construction have worked several Braga artists, especially during the baroque period, once the scenic feature of the staircase and the concept of pilgrimage church was accentuated, essentially, in this period. In the same way, the name of the Archbishop D. Rodrigo de Moura Teles, is inseparably connected to it, because he gave an architectural and iconographic unit in this complex celebrating, at the same time, his own power as a member of the church, by placing its weapons in the portico which leads to the beginning of the route.

The construction of the temple lasted, however, until the XIX century, and although the baroque language is predominant in all the place, the evidence of the Rococo and Neoclassical styles are multiple.

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