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Curch of Carmo and old building of Carmelita Coventry

Curch of Carmo and old building of Carmelita Coventry

The Convent of Carmo (Convento do Carmo) was originally founded in the Largo das Carvalheiras, in the parish of the Sé, in 1st February of 1635, by Frei José do Espírito Santo.

The first stone of the actual building, in the parish of S. Vicente, was placed in 4th November of 1654. On the 23th October of the following year (1655), the community transferred to its new residence.

With the extinction of religious orders in the country (1834), the facilities of the convent became the military hospital’s headquarters. Later on, the building was sold to privates, and on it installed the Dublin School.

In 1898, the primordial façade of the church was unbalanced and in 1906, was threatening the ruin. For this reason, they started to think of replacing it. The project was made in 1907, by the architect Moura Coutinho. It was finished in 1911.

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