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Church of S. Vicente

Church of S. Vicente

In the proto-baroque and baroque work of the Church of S. Vicente (Igreja de São Vicente) some of the most prestigious architects of Braga have intervened, during several generations, that have contributed not only to the realization of the building but also to the risk of the altarpiece and the organ. Therefore, we found working in S. Vicente, Manuel Fernandes da Silva, André Soares e Carlos Amarante, three names of great importance in the development of the new Bracara Augusta, under the protection of the Archbishops D. Rodrigo de Moura Teles and D. Gaspar de Bragança. The church itself, located in an area away from the historical center of the city, crucially contributed to the development of the surrounding area, working as an urban pole around which part of the city organized itself (FERNANDES, 1989, p. 97).

However, the churches’ history is away older, and there seems to be news of an ancient temple, at least since the VII century, as the headstone of visigoth period (year of the Lord 618), that is kept in the sacristy, is an enormous contribution.

Another headstone, in the main façade, has references to, at least, three other construction campaigns in this place. Therefore, in 656 was built the first church, renovated in 1565 and again in 1691. The temple we today know is the result of the last renovation works.

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