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Castel of Dona Chica or Castel of Palmeira

Castel of Dona Chica or Castel of Palmeira

The Castel of D. Chica (Castelo da D. Chica) was designed by the architect Ernesto Korrodi in 1915, to work as a house to J. Ferreira do Rego and to his wife, the brazilian lady Francisca Peixoto Rego, whose house popular name refers to. This project comes in the “Province Noble’s House (Habitação Nobre de Província)” context, house typology to which Korrodi has dedicated in the beginning of the XX century and that “(…) invoked, through diverse sources of inspiration, a medieval art and a particular social life that the XX century triumphing bourgeoisie, basing themselves in the tradition as well as the progress, rehabilitated.” (COSTA, 1997, p. 235). 

The construction stopped in 1919, left the work unfinished, particularly the interior space. Even though the edified structure presents some solutions differing from the project designed by Korrodi, that “evolution” shows “(…) the persistence of a taste that has allowed him to materialize his idea “Noble House”” (Idem, ibidem, p. 241) that refers mainly to neogothic references.

In the Ferreira do Rego house, those references refer mainly to the chapel of the Founder of the Monastery of Batalha (Mosteiro da Batalha), that in the set of the decorative program mixed with Art Noveau inspired elements, Renaissance and even Romanic.

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