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House of Maciéis Aranhas

House of Maciéis Aranhas

The house that belonged to the Maciéis Aranhas’ family is a baroque construction, from the XVIII century, that plays an important role in the urban context of Braga and, in particular, in what concerns the Campo da Vinha.

The House of the Maciéis Aranhas (Casa dos Maciéis Aranhas) is placed in the extreme west of this Field (Campo) standing out due to its gate, which closes the U has drawn by its housing blocks.

In the front façade, the lateral bodies, in two floors, are ripped by of straight lintel windows, the main floor being a bay window based on corbels. The central body, indented regarding the rest, presents doors and windows of straight lines, to which overlaps, in the main floor, a balcony opened by an elliptical arch resting on small columns. This spaced can be reached through a stairway, located in one of the extremes.

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