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House of S. Brás of Tower

House of S. Brás of Tower

House of S. Brás da Torre (Casa de São Brás da Torre), including the chapel, the garden and the woods.

About the Villa S. Brás of Tower (Quinta S. Brás da Torre) we know that it was “convened” by three lives to the great-grandparents of Lourença Gonçalves, whose marriage with António Jácome happened in 1636 (NÓBREGA, 1972). The connection of this family to this propriety can be traced until the late XVI century, but its designation pleads to the existence of an old tower, certainly from the medieval period, and meanwhile gone (cf. Rating Process, IPPAR/DRP). The building we know today is a XVIII century reconstruction, which integrates previous elements and was, later, an object of other interventions.

Besides the main building, the villa also includes other agricultural nature dependencies, standing out the granaries.

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