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House of Quintã

House of Quintã

The old core of the House of Quintã (Casa da Quintâ) is constituted by the chapel that, according to an inscription on it, was built in the XV century. Possibly the chapel was already connected to a housing cluster back then, but there is no evidence of it. The current building was the rose in the XVII century, presenting a characteristic model of Minho’s Manor architecture in the late-mannerist period. Presents a U-plan, developing the housing zone around an interior courtyard, and the set closed by the main façade walls. It presents a symmetrical scheme, marked by the windows, disposal, topped by a set of battlements, in a late preservation of the military elements in the civil architecture. The chapel. Built in 1798, has the square plan with the single aisle. It kept on its inside the manners polychromic diamond point tiles set, as well as the mannerist polychromic altarpiece of golden carving, that integrates two boards allusion to the legend of S. Martinho and an image of Santa Ana and the Virgin, of later manufacturing.

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