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Castle of Braga (Castelo de Braga) (remaining), known as Donjon (Torre de Menagem)

What’s left of Castle of Braga (Castelo de Braga) (its donjon and some spread pieces) is the product of a XIV century construction campaign, the century of intense military constructive activity and to which corresponds most of the medieval defense structures, either castles or urban fences.

The Donjon (Torre de Menagem) is the most important remaining element of the old castle, built by D. DiniS. With around 30 m high (and three floors), imposing, still today, in the city’s urban network, even though the extreme proximity to several posterior building. Its construction reveal a clearly gothic project, with crenellated and boulders at the vertices a double window at the top, as well as the stone weapon of D. Dinis.

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