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Cruises (2) of Campos das Hortas and of Sant’Ana

Cruises (2) of Campos das Hortas and of Sant’Ana

The cruises of Sant’Ana e of the Campos das Hortas (Cruzeiros de Sant’Ana and Campos das Hortas), in Braga, had together classification, being considered National Monuments. Even though they’re not close together, or are at the same exact time, they have almost identical configurations, which is why we don’t find odd to find them described together. The first, today located in the Square of Senhora-a-Branca since 1915, would have been originally built in the old Camp of Sant’Ana (Campo de Sant’Ana) (now Braga’s Central Avenue), close to the Donjon (Torre de Menagem). Because of its original location, from where come its current name, this cruise has been identified as the one the Archbishop D. Diogo de Sousa refers to as “a cross in the Rossio de Sant’Ana with its steps and the stone stem of Viana”. As mentioned before, the similarity between the cruise of Sant’Ana and the Camp of the Hortas is surprising. The last was equally displaced, one the same map of the XVIII century that indicated the place of the Sant’Ana exemplary close to Donjon (Tore de Menagem) shows it near Porta Nova.

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