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Chapel of S. Frutuoso

Chapel of S. Frutuoso

The small chapel of Montélios (Capela dos Montélios) owes its existence to S. Frutuoso, Bishop of Dume and Braga in the Visigoth period, who chose to be buried here, in the 60 decades of the VIII century. In a first phase, and under the command of João de Moura Coutinho, the monument was interventions having as a model the late-old constructions of Ravena. For this, some decorative elements were reproduced, equal to other appeared during the dismounting of the numerous adjacent building.

On its littleness, Montélios is one of a fascinating peninsula high medieval monuments, simultaneously related to Mediterranean works of the V-VI and IX-XI. Independently from the future courses of history, will stay as an unavoidable work in the studies dedicated to high west middle ages.

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