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Chapel of Our Lady of the Conception

Chapel of Our Lady of the Conception

Built in around 1525, the Chapel of Our Lady of Conception (Capela da Nossa Senhora da Conceição) integrates the set of the House of Coimbras (Casa dos Coimbras), having been built as a chapel of this palace. The chapel, dedicated to Our Lady of Conception (Nossa Senhora da Conceição), presents a “church-tower” model, with a square plan, in a typology derived from the Castilian models. Next to the altar, inserted in an arcosolium with the weapons of D. João de Coimbra, was built a sculptural set with Deposition in the tomb, also attributed to the sculptor João de Ruão, but the similarity that presents to some of his works, even though it’s from a posterior phase. The lateral chapel walls are covered by tile panel with World’s Creation themes.

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