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House of Mainha, respective portal and adjoining walls

House of Mainha, respective portal and adjoining walls

In the last quarter of the XVII century, Lourenço Fernandes da Silva, captain of ordinances of the monastery at that time, ordered the restoration and enlargement of the old House of Mainha (House of Mainha). The mannerist manor was then built and it still exists, with the rectangular plan, which pace is marked by the opening of fenestrations at regular spaces.

The main façade is placed in one of the house tops, with a straight frame front door preceded by a single haul stairwell, with a volute handrail. It’s bounded by pilasters in the wedges, which in their alignment were placed two pinnacles. The posterior façade also preceded by a stairwell, opens to a porch, with a winter glassed balcony. One of the lateral façades has a curious dovecote, built in the XVIII century, as well as a porch and a balcony with a wood bearings guard.

The interior space obeys to the functional division of the XVII century lords’ houses, the ground floor destined to the service compartments, the superior reserved for the noble rooms, which in the house of Mainha are intercommunicating. Also, the houses’ private oratory stands out, built in 1804 (FERREIRA, Afonso Costa, 1980), with a wood altarpiece. In the house’s surrounding space exists a boxwood garden, planted in the XVII century.

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