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  • Address: Terreiro do Castelo
  • Zip code: 4700-311 Braga
  • Phone number: 253 203 152
  • Fax: 253 616 060
  • Email:
  • URL:

National monument since 1910, the Donjon (Torre de Menagem) is almost everything that’s left of the old castle.

Located at the highest point of the medieval town, it has the coat-of-arms of D. Fernando over the door. The castle is already referred in documents from the beginning of the XVI century, even though the construction was ordered after the 1369 invasions. Demolished in 1906, might have had six towers which there are still traces.

Although only the Donjon (Torre de Menagem) is visible, there are still countless sections of the old castle that were reused by the surrounding buildings. The bell tower of the church of Lapa is resulting from the reutilization of a cubelo of the castle and a big portion of the oriental wall survived in the interior of the city block. Part of the south turret is also integrated into the backyard of a house turning to Square Barão de São Martinho.

The entrance is free, but the visit required an appointment, using the contact 253 203 150 or

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