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Museum of Stringed Instruments Domingos Machado

Museum of Stringed Instruments Domingos Machado
  • Address: Av. António Gomes Pereira, nº. 13 Tebosa
  • Zip code: 4705-630 Braga
  • Phone number: 253 673 855
  • URL:

The Museum of Stringed Instruments (Museu dos Cordofones) consists, in its essence of all stringed instruments belonging to the personal collection of Domingos Machado. The life and work of these Craftsman from Braga are recognized internationally. He is known by the typical instrument collectors and specialists and he is quoted in many publications of the specialty, national and international.

Opened in September 1995, its singularity is in the fact that all of the exposed stringed instruments were made by the craftsman himself, according to ancestral methods that have been left by his father.

He owns several collections of stringed instruments: ukuleles, classical guitars, guitars, banjos, mandolins, guitars and typical mandolins. Some are unique pieces that were "copied" precisely to be part of the remarkable assets that this space contains. It also possesses the most typical instruments of the region, like the ukuleles and Braga guitars. Some of this instruments are rare like the arch viol of the XVII century, the baroque viol of the XVIII century, and even an exemplary of an American dulcimer.

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