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Museum of Image

Museum of Image
  • Address: Campo das Hortas, 35-37 (junto do Arco da Porta Nova)
  • Zip code: 4700-421 Braga
  • Phone number: 253 278 633
  • Fax: 253 616 060
  • Email:
  • URL:

The creation of the Museum of Image (Museu da Imagem), which opening was on April 1999, represents one of the aspects of cultural dynamics implemented the City Council of Braga. Occupying one of the oldest medieval wall’s towers and a XIX century building, that it partially uncovers, is, in experts’ opinion, a notable example of architectural recovering. Here, the visitors can enjoy the image database query from the Aliança Archives and others, since the early XX century until today.

At the same time, there are temporary expositions that allow the visitors to confront their gaze, either with the anthropological and document type photographs or with more contemporaneous ways of expression in the use of photography. Finally, the public can also participate in guided tours or workshops related to the image, that periodically take place there.

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