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Museum Pio XII

Museum Pio XII
  • Address: Largo de Santiago, 47
  • Zip code: 4704-532 Braga
  • Phone number: 253 200 130
  • Fax: 253 200 131
  • Email:
  • URL:

The Museum Pio XII (Museu Pio XII) has a vast collection in the areas of lytic, numismatic, ceramic, textile, sculpture, paintings and jewelry. Some exemples of each the collection can be appreciated in the current exposition “One Museum, One History”. The visitors can know a significant part of the work of Henriques Medina, one of the great XX century portraitist. The Museum Pio XII (Museu Pio XII) is the keeper of 50 paintings and 20 drawings. The museum provides a visit to the Medieval Tower known as “Our Lady of Tower (Nossa Senhora da Torre”, where over 5 floors in which the climb is divided, the history of Braga is narrated. In the top of the tower, there’s a magnificent panoramic view. The 1st floor shows the period that goes from the bracari to the reconquest; on the 2nd floor, we contemplate the medieval Braga; the 3rd floor puts us in Renaissance – Braga grows through beautiful squares; the embellishment of these new spaces (work by the architects André Soares and Carlos Amaral) is narrated on the 4th floor; the last floor puts us in contact with the current Braga.

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