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Developed under the Strategic Plan for Economic Development of Braga 2014-2026, the project falls within the investment plans and regeneration of business areas of the city, aiming to the industry, in order to maximize job creation and increased exports by increasing the competitiveness of enterprises.

The + Industry strategy has a strong commitment to invest in 51 companies a total of 359 million euros, which will enhance the creation of about 2,413 jobs by 2020. To increase the impact of the industry in the region and enhance the attraction of new investments, it is also expected to make 15 million euros in public investment by 2019, with 85% contribution of European funds.

As a result of the Union and harmonization of public and private entities, this project is an example of how Braga marks the difference in the way local come together with the common goal of qualifying the city, create jobs, generate wealth and increase the volume of business and exports.

For further information about this project here.

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