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Strategic Council for Urban Regeneration.

The creation of the Strategic Council for the regeneration of Urban Braga (CERPUB) is of special importance for the development of a public policy model of participatory and comprehensive, capable of promoting the resources of the city, as well as engage and empower their agents, institutions and citizens.

The purpose of this advisory organ is to monitor and evaluate the strategic lines of municipal activities in the areas of urban regeneration in order to qualify and share the debate in a Multisectoral level or in the art, either in representation at the same time promoting the competitiveness of its business fabric.

On a Municipal context of action strategy development at the level of Rehabilitation of Urban Areas and definition of Detailed Plans and Safeguard for areas of strong patrimonial presence; this body will also intervene in the appreciation of County’s industrial areas.

For more information, please consult the Regulation of CERPUB here.

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