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The Exception Scheme foreseen for strategic projects aims at framing investments where strategic public interest is recognized, for its particular impact on the occupation of the territory, for its importance to the economic and social development of the municipality, or its special feature or plastic or monumental expression and where there is at least two of the following, one of which must contain paragraph c. or paragraph d.:

  1. Have high innovative character;
  2. Are investments in the area of culture, education, health, environment, tourism, renewable energy, industry, or complex of leisure and recreation;
  3. Create more than 200 jobs;
  4. Includes investments equal to or greater than € 2,000,000.

Strategic projects should be a target of an investment contract held between the promoter and the CMB, for the intended investment period. This regime has its legal framework in the Master Plan of Braga (Section VI, Article 31 of the Regulation PDM), approved on October 2015.

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