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Braga open its doors to Urban Regeneration

Braga open its doors to Urban Regeneration 08/09/2016

On 8 September, it was held the session where the Strategic Council for Patrimonial and Urban Regeneration of Braga took office.

The creation of this Strategic Council is particularly important to the development of the model advocated by the Municipality in the field of Urban planning, based in a participatory and comprehensive policy, able to promote its resources and engage and empower its agents, institutions and citizens.

The main purpose of this consultative body is to monitor and assess the strategic lines of municipal activity in the fields of Urban regeneration in order to qualify and share the debate at a multi-sectoral level, both in the specialty, and in the representativity, while simultaneously promoting the competitiveness of its corporate sector.

The responsibilities of this consultative body arise in a municipal context focused on developing strategies of action in the various fields of Urban Regeneration, and focused on defining Detailed Plans and Safeguarding Plans for areas with an important Patrimony, as well as in context of enhancement of Braga’s industrial zones, standing out as an instance of consultative participation that promotes a global and concerted vision at urban rehabilitation. Therefore, the Municipality will be able to act as facilitator agent at the level of urban rehabilitation and as a catalyst of private initiatives, removing obstacles, creating incentives and developing policies to rapidly and effectively stimulate owners of municipal properties, so that they can also be active parties in promoting a much-needed regeneration in of our city’s zones.

Municipality of Braga, 8 September 2016

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