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The strategy developed by the municipality is based on a Vision for Braga as one of the main reference Iberian cities at different levels: economy, culture, tourism and quality of life. A modern municipality, accessible, inclusive, young, creative and competitive where knowledge, environmental and social responsibility and value creation prevail.

For this purpose, the activity developed by Municipality’s universe aims to promote Braga's sustainable territorial development, ensuring quality of life, social cohesion and investment attraction and meeting the needs and expectations of different audiences without compromising the future of coming generations. Municipality’s mission includes the following assignments: promoting economy, enhancing heritage, promoting environmental sustainability, strengthening social responses and cultural activities, encouraging the full exercise of citizenship, actively collaborating with all local economic agents and business associations.

To accomplish this Vision, Braga’s City Council guides its action according to the following reference values: Management, Truth, Accuracy, Transparency, Innovation, Closeness and Ambition.

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