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Braga, Educating City

Knowing that the Education plays an essential role in the construction of a cohesive, inclusive and participatory society, the Municipality of Braga pays close attention to this area of activity.

Educating children and young people is essential to acquire personal and social skills and for their full development as individuals and as citizens. Education is the mean enabling each child and young person to express, declare and develop her uniqueness, creativity and responsibility. In this sense, Braga’s City Council not only has the legal functions entrusted by Central Administration, but it also develops functions which meet other challenges faced when the goal is achieving AN EDUCATION FOR ALL:

  • Equity in access to education;
  • Building an inclusive school;
  • Integration and cooperation between all the educational community;
  • Support to the student, the teacher and the parents or legal guardian;
  • Raising awareness and creating a sense of belonging to the community.

And as Braga is an Educating City, the Municipality seeks to develop its municipal activities transversally and in a coordinated way, interacting and integrating different educational agents, in order to help Braga becoming a privileged space and an opportunity for an Education throughout the lifetime of Braga's citizens and in the light of the principles of the Charter of Educating Cities, to which Braga belongs since 2000.

Braga also offers a creative and innovative, organic, dynamic and open environment that not only secure and attract new residents but also attract new investments and new visitors who recognize the attractiveness of Braga as a destination. For its authenticity, its identity, but also for its incomparable capacity to renew and reinvent itself when new realities arise. In addition to the municipal action of promotion and stimulus for innovation and creative capital, Braga offers technological conditions that strengthen this identity: a remarkable academic environment, internationally recognized at technology and digital arts levels; the International Nanotechnology Laboratory, a laboratory with international projection, unique in the world, which develops its activity in nanoscience and nanotechnology sectors; an innovative and bold business community, characterized by renowned companies in the sector of information and communication technologies, with sustained internationalization projects. Braga has a strong technological dimension that identifies and distinguishes the city, occupying an outstanding position in the national and international scene.

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