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The vast natural and environmental heritage of the Municipality is a source of pride for all Braga's citizens, but it also represents a huge responsibility for environmental preservation and appreciation.

The Municipality of Braga is aware that modern societies present lifestyles and consumption patterns against the environment, so it implemented a model of an environmental action based on three strategic vectors:

  • Sustainability of Resources

The Municipality is strongly committed to raise environmental awareness of the population, particularly children and young people with greater ability to change behaviours and habits.

We intend to inform citizens about environmental challenges, but also educate and raise awareness about healthier and more sustainable new lifestyles for the sake of coming generations. We intend to raise the awareness of Braga's citizens about the importance of their behaviours and lifestyle habits to environmental protection and environmental maintenance.

 Periodic monitoring of environmental indicators, including noise levels, air quality and water quality, has been promoted by the Municipality in order to systematically assess Braga's environmental quality.

  • Enhancement of Natural Resources

The identification and enhancement of Braga's natural heritage has been gradually implemented under the sustainable and strategic development plan of the city.

Braga's Master Plan, which came into force in 2015, is one of the foundations of this environmental policy, and today it is much more than an urban planning, development and management tool. This is a central piece in the commitment to future generations and in the preservation, development and promotion of this Heritage.

This commitment is clearly visible in the planned measures, not only in the definition of a Municipal Ecological Structure, in the enlargement of Ecological Reserve and Agricultural Reserve areas and in the environmental and urban regeneration of the Municipality's riverbanks; but also in the expansion of green and leisure spaces in order to conciliate environmental enhancement with its playful and leisure potential.

Environmental enhancement also includes support strategies for an integrated and sustainable mobility, in order to face municipal road traffic growth.

  • Use of spaces

Natural landscapes, Cavado and East riverbanks, gardens and green spaces of Braga are increasingly becoming a hallmark of the city and municipality.

Its use contributes to the health and wellbeing of Braga's citizens, increasing their quality of life and also contributing significantly to the attraction of new residents.

On the other hand, these sites are greatly appreciated by those visiting us and they provide excellent spaces to organize events, in particular, social, cultural and sports events.

The Municipality of Braga has been implementing a development model in order to meet the needs and expectations of its citizens without compromising its future capacity.

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