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City Council | Municipality | Contacts

In order to facilitate contacts and interaction between Citizens and Municipal Services, the Municipality has made efforts to provide more accessible and convenient communication channels for all.

The intent of this web page is that the Municipality become closer and more accessible to all Citizens, as well as an important cooperation and contact reinforcement tool.

The Municipality seeks to provide an Integrated Multichannel Service, so you may contact the City Hall:


Municipal One Stop Shop
Praça Conde de Agrolongo
4704-514 Braga

Decentralized Assistance:

One Stop Shop in the Parish Council of Tadim
Rua de Guilherme Braga da Cruz, n.º2
4705-671 Braga

One Stop Shop in the Parish Council of Sequeira
Rua da Escola, n.º1
4705-629 Braga

Via Telephone:

253 203 150


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