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Investing | InvestBraga

The economic development of the municipality of Braga is the central pillar of Braga’s municipal policy, based on three vectors of action: economic promotion, investment attraction and internationalization. It comes with more and better jobs, with the consequent improvement of quality of life and greater social cohesion.

This new management model, advocated by Braga Municipal Council, favours its role as facilitator and promotor of private investment, foreseeing the municipal action to respond to the demands of the current market, providing the conditions necessary for that same investment to be made and stay in our County.

Accordingly, it was launched in March 2014 the InvestBraga - Agency for Economic Promotion of Braga, whose mission is to promote the economic development of the region.

By attracting investment and entrepreneurs, and innovation as a guide, the agency focus on the credibility of the municipality as a business partner with national and international investors.

InvestBraga operates in three areas:

  1. Economic Promotion and national and international investment attraction to the region – InvestBraga 
  2. Development acceleration programs and pre-acceleration, in partnership with Microsoft Ventures for startups with global ambition - Startup Braga
  3. Organization and promotion of high-quality events with national and international impact on the unity of trade shows, conferences and events - Parque de Exposições de Braga 

Discover the most relevant projects:

Strategic plan
Investor space
Qualifies IT 

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