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Investing | Knowledge, Talent and Training

Knowledge, Talent and Training

Aware of the importance of innovation and the transfer of knowledge and technology can play in improving competitiveness, technological and scientific capacity and in the reach of new market segments, by the companies located in the municipality of Braga, the Municipality seeks to have a facilitator and promoter role of relations between knowledge centers and the business community, promoting the transfer of knowledge, technology, talent and training tailored to the needs and expectations companies.

Relying on teaching and research institutions that compete with the world's best, the municipality decided to create an Area of Responsibility connection with universities so that closer relations are effective, with all the advantages that come with this position for the economic development of the Municipality of Braga and, generally, for the whole region.

This bridge between knowledge and business innovation is already the reality of Braga: there are several academic projects of I&D with companies, qualifying projects and human resources certification and the development of several spinoffs of technology-based, internationally successful.

  • A new shared vision, that recognizes the unique value of cooperation, dialogue, networking, for sustained economic development the municipality of Braga;
  • And finally, a Future Vision ... starting from the affirmation of traditional county sectors, such as the motor, the metallurgy, the Metalworking, Construction and Engineering, Commerce and Tourism, Braga heads to the Future.
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