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In the Investor’s space, investors can find all the answers and support they need when investing, aiming to provide a "Green Line to investment".

It serves as a "one-stop shop" for entrepreneurs and investors who focus on streamlining processes, and helps to identify local, national and international incentives; locating spaces for economic activities; to identify human resources and mechanisms to support the recruitment, among other services.

Provides support services and / or support and attraction and an establishment of local investment, national and international in the city of Braga, in any sector of activity, whether industry, services, trade, tourism or other activities of economic interest.

In terms of services to the investment, the Investor’s Space operates in different areas and develops the following support to investment activities:

  • Support investors in the formal establishment of companies
  • In the search of location of economic activities spaces
  • To support the licensing process of economic activities and other procedures within the municipal activity
  • In talent identification: human resources and mechanisms and support to hiring
  • The identification of programs and actions to support training and development of competencies
  • In identifying local incentives, national and international

Know in detail the various activities to support investment in here.

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