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Braga is one of the top destinations in the Religious Tourism segment, either by its celebrations, which have its epitome in the Holy Week or by its built heritage. Braga, by being one of the oldest Christian cities in the world, owns a wide religious heritage. The churches abound in its historical center like in Rome, the city comes up as a place that crosses the art and the holy in all its manifestations.

The Holy Week liturgical celebrations get a special splendor in the street ordeals, in the Cathedral’s Ceremony, in the Burrinha processions, Teofórica, Ecce Homo with the Farricocos, and the Burial. In this week, Braga is visited by thousands of believers coming from all across the country and also from other countries, getting the status of interest to the Tourism.

But besides the Holy Week, there are other important faith demonstrations in Braga, like the pilgrimage to Sameiro, Mariano sanctuary that comes after Fátima regarding significance, in June and august and the pilgrimages to São Vicente and Santa Maria da Falperra.

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