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Gastronomy and Wines

The city of Braga offers to its visitors a rich, succulent and diversified cuisine, in accordance with the tradition of several generations, with codfish dishes on top of the preferences. The landscape’s diversity and the influences inherited from other people are elements that help to explain the wide range of gastronomic specialties.

Braga’s culinary art is well-known, not only for the variety of menus, but also for the care and freshness put into food preparation and confection.

Influenced by the city’s religiosity and the assumption of Lent, periods of abstinence were strictly complied, which led to the creation of different ways to cook codfish.

One of the many ways of cooking it is at “Narcisa-Style”, or at “Eusébia-style”, the the emeritus cook of the Narcisa Restaurant which created the recipe, deceased in 1972, today, the recipe is also known as “Braga-Style” Codfish, an added value in the gastronomic disclosure of the entire region.

The region’s famous young wine, white or red, goes quite well with any dish you choose.

It is in pastry and desserts that Braga’s cuisine is most original and refined, with the “Abade de Priscos” pudding, the traditional pilgrims’ cakes and dry biscuits to serve with tea, as well as other specialties enriched by the long monastic and popular tradition.

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