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String Instruments

The cultural diversity of Braga is revealed through art and craft. Braga’s craft is one of the Portuguese crafts with more projection, especially in the stringed instruments sector, which is internationally referenced.

The ukulele is a popular chordophone of small dimension. It has a doubtful origin. Gonçalo Sampaio believes that this instrument along with the viola, came to Braga through Biscainhos, in fact, there is in Spain a similar instrument to the ukulele, of the family of guitars, requinto.

The viola brogues also called viola of Braga, or simply viol is typical of the Minho region. In addition to the most common size, there is also half-viola brogues, tuned a third above, and the refined viola brogues tuned a fifth above. It’s played torn, with all fingers running through the ropes.

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