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The ukuleles, violas, guitars (including Viola Braguesa) and Sacred Art are the ex-libris. Although these are the best known, Braga’s craft is more diverse: the linen items with loom production of a family of Braga, embroidery, wooden miniatures, farricocos, wrought iron, the bells and the famous votive candles made with all knowledge of several generations (and that was intended mostly to the payment of promises that have to do with dating and marriage).

In ceramics, two great artisans of the city stand out, Margarida Costa and Alberto Vieira.

Of the traditional crafts, production of farricocos and tiles are still produced by the hands of two Braga artisans.

But talk about crafts is also talk of creativity and innovation, revitalization of traditions of some aspects of everyday Braga, now translated in small businesses such as a production of soaps, jams, liqueurs, jewelry and dolls painted with regional costumes.

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