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Minho is the Portuguese region where the folklore is more alive, diverse and colorful. The regional dancing and singing constitute today an admirable Touristic and cultural poster, due to the overflowing joy of man and woman of Minho, transposed into traditional dances with unparalleled beauty.

Between all the dances from verdegares to fandangos, through chulas, malhões and caninhas-verdes, the one which best characterizes the Minho folklore is vira, thanks to rhythm and vibration that is imposed by the gallant and smiley pairs of dancers, and the lush and rhythmic sound of traditional toccata, consisting of drums, Braga’s violin, triangle, ukulele, and concertinas. No one stays indifferent to this celebration anthem of life, the consecration of the party spirit and harmony with the world and nature.

This peculiar and unique culture, born of ancient traditions of Minho, and deeply connected to the daily labor, the festivals and amusements, is now zealously guarded and disseminated by numerous folk groups, that Braga is one of the richest municipalities in the region, and which led to the organization of an annual large International Festival of Folklore in the Central Avenue.


Costume of Vale do Cávado, Romeira or Capotilha

This is a costume that is surely the most emblematic of the Cávado Valley whose most salient feature is the capotilha bright red for the girls and dark blue or black for married and older.

These are trimmed with velvet, beads, glass beads and satin, with great tips drawn on his chest (to the left), being trapped in the hips and knotted in the lower back.

In addition to capotilha, this costume contains linen shirt embroidered in white, chest, shoulders and cuffs with lace collar and embroidered black vest, accompanied black baetilha skirt, furnished with plain or carved velvet ribbons, satin and glass beads.

The remaining props include an apron woven in vivid colors, with drawn wool, trimmed velvet, "ordered scarf" in the waist on the right, and also linen or cotton lacy white socks with black slippers, stitched in white and also gold chest ornaments and earrings.

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