February 14, 2016
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The most beautiful Sites and Events


"bom jesus" 


sé cathedral

"Bom Jesus", "Sameiro" and "Falperra", are outstanding places that should be included in any tour of Braga. Due to their beauty and religious value, they make up a triangle, based on religious interest and surrounded by unspoiled green areas.

Meet some of the most important landmarks in Braga.




"s. joão"

Throughout the centuries, festivities in Braga have been deeply affected by popular music, folklore and religious or sacred music, among others.

Don’t forget to participate in these festivities and popular festivals of joy.


The Gastronomy and Traditional Art


"caldo verde" (green broth) 



The gastronomy in Braga is a festival of flavours and subtle perfumes. The cuisine from
Minho is the product of century-long experiences in the hands of anonymous people, who recognised the value of the fruits of the land and the collective imagination.

People from Minho are mostly fond of codfish.


sacred art



Braga’s handicraft and sacred art objects are already known worldwide.

They are items that you can easily find on the streets, side streets or rural areas in the
outskirts of the city.



Panoramic views in 360º

  Enjoy the 360º panoramic views of Braga that we offer you.

Município de Braga

opinions about Braga 



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Município de Braga
Município de Braga

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